Daqtocontrol in its current state is the proprietary software interface to start, stop and download data from the Daqtometer via IrDA USB-interface.
It is available for Windows XP and Linux operating systems.

Specifications of Daqtocontrol

  • Select specific start and stop dates for data acquisition.
  • Select sampling and recording intervals for activity and light data.
  • Program feedback LED.
  • Check battery status before starting a new experiment.
  • Define and recall presets to start multiple Daqtometers with identical parameters.
  • Download and convert data into text files that can be imported in Excel, Access or Actimetrics ClockLab.

Timer settings The time span of recording sessions can be entered in local time or GMT. It is stored as a timestamp in the daqtometer's memory and will be recalled when downloading data.

Channel settings Sampling and storing intervals of each Daqtometer channel can be configured independently.
According to the current settings, Daqtocontrol automatically calculates the maximum recording duration. Additionally, you can define interval and blink duration of the Daqtometer's feedback LED for easy control of proper function.

Preset A complete set of recording settings can be stored in a preset. This can be very handy when dealing with experiments where large numbers of Daqtometers are needed.

Data download After each recoding session, Daqtocontrol is used to download the data from the Daqtometer. Multiple channels can be downloaded at once. The download progress is indicated in the device info section.

Available Daqtometers Downloaded data is stored in .daq-files. The built-in converter can be used to convert raw data to CSV files for easy export to spreadsheet programs, e.g., Microsoft Excel. Data can be converted using freely definable bin sizes and/or choosing only a limited time range. Batch conversion of a set of data files with the same parameters is possible.

Raw values Special functions like selftest, light sensor's zero-offset compensation and current value read out are also available.