About Daqtix

History of Daqtix

PrototypeOne of the defining features of research on biological rhythms is that data collection is a 24/7 job. Therefore, especially in this field, long-term automated data collection is a key technology.

After first experiences with various input devices cost contact lickometer used with rats and mice as well as mouse lemurs, and light beam setup for butterflies and frogs, we then went on to develop a system that blocks rodent running wheels depending on time of day or number of wheel revolutions.

In the summer of 2005 a new wrist worn actigraph, the Daqtometer, was born. The first prototype was housed in a standard wrist-watch case and did not yet have the capability to record ambient light levels. Nevertheless, first data were collected under the extreme environmental conditions of the jungles in north-west Madagascar.

Who we are

Robert Dallmann

Robert Dallmann is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Neurobiology, University of Massachusetts Medical School with 7 years experience in biological rhythms research.

Gunther Lemm

Gunther Lemm is the founder of Lemm Hard- & Software. Within ten years, he has developed all flavors of processor equipped embedded devices and is highly experienced in Linux server platforms and Internet security.

Oliver Niekrenz

Oliver Niekrenz is a programmer with 10+ years of experience in electrical engineering and embedded hardware/software co-design. He was trained at the Philips Systems Laboratory Hamburg, chip cards and transponders division. His expertise includes various programming languages and database management.